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Dear all,

Let me introduce myself,

I am a philologist. That’s the most important thing

you need to know about me. As you may know, the

word philology comes from the combination in Greek

of “philos” meaning “love or affection” and “logos”

meaning “word”, so a philologist is someone who loves

words and keeps paying attention to how they affect

people when they communicate to each other.

In English we say that the eyes are the windows to

the soul, in Catalan and Spanish it’s the whole face

the one which mirrors the soul, which by the way it is

another Greek belief. But I disagree. In my opinion it is

the words you utter which really talk about your mind,

your brain and your thoughts which at the end, in my

opinion, show your “soul”. It is a fascinating automatic

process the human being possesses which has been

gifted to us and only to us speaking people. Remember

speech is the basic skill which differentiates us from


We have to select the word among thousands of them or

more, connect words to each other, be careful to attach

the correct tone and intonation as well as other many

features, and utter it expecting to convey the meaning

wished, a question, a compliment, a death sentence, a

love declaration or an insult, all in a tenth of a second.

Almost a miracle. But the way we process all this

information and we have the final result is the key to

show us the “soul” of the people.

Through your words I can see (with the eye of my mind)

if you are a gentle or aggressive person, if you are

cultivated or illiterate, if you are sensitive or cruel.

Therefore the expression, “read between the lines”. See

what you cannot see.