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Formació AIQS

Formación AIQS

AIQS Training

such a calm mopping-up operation

under pressure.


equipped with artificial intelligence

(AI) programs, is what I call an

intentional system: its behavior is

predictable and explainable if we

attribute to it beliefs and desires—

”cognitive states” and “motivational

states”—and the rationality required

to figure out what it ought to do in

the light of those beliefs and desires.

Are these skeletal versions of human

beliefs and desires sufficient to meet

the mens rea requirement of legal

culpability? Not quite, but, if we

restrict our gaze to the limited world

of the chess board, it is hard to see

what is missing. Since cheating is

literally unthinkable to a computer

like Deep Blue, and since there are

really no other culpable actions

available to an agent restricted to

playing chess, nothing it could do

would be a misdeed deserving of

blame, let alone a crime of which we

might convict it. But we also assign

responsibility to agents in order

to praise or honor the appropriate

agent. Who or what, then, deserves

the credit for beating Kasparov? Deep

Blue is clearly the best candidate.

Yes, we may join in congratulating

Campbell, Hsu and the IBM team

on the success of their handiwork;

but in the same spirit we



K a s p a r o v ’ s

t e a c h e r s ,

h a n d l e r s ,

and even his

parents. And,

no matter how

assiduously they

may have trained him, drumming

into his head the importance of one

strategic principle or another, they

didn’t beat Deep Blue in the series:

Kasparov did.

Deep Blue is the best candidate for

the role of responsible opponent of


surely, for full moral responsibility.

If we expanded Deep Blue’s horizons

somewhat, it could move out into

the arenas of injury and benefit that

we human beings operate in. It’s not

hard to imagine a touching scenario

in which a grandmaster deliberately

(but oh so subtly) throws a game to

an opponent, in order to save a life,

A Scene from Fritz Lang’s Film Metropolis (1926) Lang’s robot is the beautiful but diabolical Maria.