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we learn and we store the information better

in our memory.

And why are words, such as Mandela’s so

important for emotion? Because words

are the carriers of knowledge to make

communication happen and when we load

emotion in them the “light” switches on, it’s

when we communicate successfully.

The last concept I want to make about this

is the so called “Cognitive Reserve” which

it seems it is a lot better thanks to aerobic

exercise, so people who do it have better

memory through the years, and it is not lost

even when exercise is stopped.

The other story I want to mention here

is about the findings of a study of Adult

Development carried out during 75 years at

HarvardUniversity on 724men fromdifferent

locations in USA, status levels, education,

health conditions, a varied number of men

as varied as the map or the US can be. The

probably longest research in history of this

type aimed at the eternal question of “What

makes us happy”? The fourth, and for the

moment the last director of the research

psychiatrist Robert Waldinger affirms that

the answer is without any doubt as simple as


“Good relationships through life keep

us happy and healthy”. People who had

satisfactory relationships along their lives

resulted more satisfied when becoming old,

happier and HEALTHIER. So again, it is not

only about feelings and emotion but also

about our body.

Some words back, when we were still in

Oxford, we mentioned exercise and memory

storage. We also mentioned touching and

moving people’s attention when learning

or even people’s hearts by filling up words

with emotion when communicating. In

conclusion,two very distant and different

studieswhich coincide in the incredible power

of words and the benefit of good relationships

and communication throughout life.

To finish, a touch of cinema,

Steven Spielberg is a master of this, do you

remember E.T. and three words “my home”

and “phone” which made us cry in two hours

more than in our whole lives. What was that?

It was the


in them, the


or communication

between a child and an

awfully ugly monster coming from outer

space which gave the magic to “light on” the

moving power to make bicycles fly across the


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