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Formació AIQS

Formación AIQS

AIQS Training

not activity depending on the type of travel

you choose to do. And for some people a

must to be happy.

Because it is true, many people assert today

that travelling makes them happy.

Travelling has a long-term reward because

even after the experience the memory of

the trip is stored in our minds together

with feelings and new information.

It is definitely a good investment, you

spend time preparing your trip, you

experience the trip and when you come

back you refresh the memory once and

again. A memory which for sure in spite

of changing shapes through the years will

still make us happy every time we restore


Travelling is good for your mental health,

you learn how to deal with different people,

streets and languages you had never seen

or heard before, and when you finally

find your way out through a map and you

manage to find your hotel or attraction you

will feel like Marco Polo in China.

Besides, it ismust tomention the difference

between travellers and tourists. A lot. A

traveller sees what he sees, a tourist sees

what he wants to see. A traveller adapts

and enjoys meanwhile a tourist complains

if he doesn’t like what he finds. A traveller

does not plan much and will try to get off

the crowded track meanwhile the tourist

will keep in the safe and comfort area.

But the best definition I read once is that

the “traveller” is the one who does not

want to come back.

I don’t think it really matters if we are

tourists or travellers, sometimes both

things at the same time. What matters is

to see other places, people and cultures

with an open-minded tolerance, eager to

understand not to judge, ready to become

richer and not superior, being simply


Tourism has become a great and important

industry in our country thanks to our

fantastic weather, beautiful and interesting

attractions and great professionals of the

sector. The only and very serious handicap

is when have to face aspects such as

massification, pollution, and anti-social

behaviours, but these may be the topics for

another article. For now, hope you enjoyed

your last Summertime either if you were a

tourist, a traveller or just on holiday and

let’s start preparing the following one.

And, don’t forget Gustave Flaubert’s words

“ Travel makes one modest, you see what a

tiny place you occupy in the world”.