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Formació AIQS

Formación AIQS

AIQS Training


We’re living in a world of words which lead

our lives and change every three minutes.

Remember my favourite saying “words shape

minds”? In order to live in Today we have

to be “smart”, to have a “smart car” which

drives alone and consumes little. We keep

downloading “smart applications” which are

intelligent and watch us all the time because we

tell them everything we know and what we like

and we want to buy.

“Mindfulness” was a very fashion word short

time ago which is about maintaining amoment-

by-moment awareness of our thoughts,

feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding

environment so that our thoughts tune into

what we’re sensing in the present moment

rather than rehashing the past or imagining the

future. Staying focused on today. And to give

just one example for the business world, now

i3 has taken over R&D, i3 a term for “internet,

innovation & internationalization”.

But my favourite of these present new and

fashion terms is ALIGNMENT. If we search in

any dictionary the word alignment we will find

a simple definition such as this: “

adjustment so

that parts function properly

”. But the sense that I

prefer to understand and attribute to the term

is the coaching alignment definition which is

related to aligning goals, careers and happiness.

When you talk to people, especially young

people and you ask them what they think could

make them have a happy life, they generally

tend to think of money, or even better, “ a lot of

money”. Another of the opinions or visions they

have is “becoming famous” because somehow

being well-known means that you are going to

make “money”. And again the goal of it all is to

be happy, not the money for the money’s sake.

So, for them, and for a lot of people it’s a perfect

equation “money equals happy life”.

The problem is that although many of them

have their good qualifications and they are

junior professionals, and they even have a clear

mind to know what they want they often don’t

know how to reach their goals. This is what

alignment teaches us and I think at every high

school or educational institution there should

be a gap to teach information such this.

Simply speaking, Alignment is a coaching

technique which says that in order to have a

fulfilling career and to reach your professional