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goals in harmony with your life you need to

align: your mindset, your emotions and your

actions. In other words, you have to mentally

believe that you can reach your goal, you have

to feel that you really want it and you have to

start working for it. Regularly we want a lot

of things, and we have lots of wishes but we

don’t do much to reach them, the fact of not

doing much action to reach what you want

implies your mindset is not truly positive and

your emotions as well have their doubts, so all

the alignment is upside down once and again.

All the famous people who are making a lot of

money started doing something they liked a

lot and were not that well paid in the outset of

their careers, think of sports players, artists,

actors, singers and so on, but their alignment

was so solid that they succeeded doing what

they enjoyed the most.

Out of the three parts for alignment, the

“mindset” deserves a little more attention.

According to research made by Dr Alison

Legerwood at New York University, our

minds get stuck in the negative, in the bad

memories. Several experiments carried out

for this research show that when you describe

something, let’s set a medical surgery

operation as with 70% success rate obviously

people like it and when you describe the

same with 30% success rate people obviously

don’t like it. Up to here normal. Then, the

same people who were given the 70% rate

are told now this surgery has 30% success

rate and they don’t like anymore. But unlike

the previous, when the people who had been

given 30% rate of success are told that now the

same operation will have 70% success rate,

they still don’t like it, they don’t change their

minds. Doctor Ledgerwood says our mind may

be built to search for the bad and

hold it

, we l

iterally have to work harder to shift from bad

to good than the contrary.

At this point, the question is about how to find

the good memories, thoughts and contents

of our every day life to helps us switch our

mindset into positive.

The advice here is to stop complaining and

thank for everything you have, health,

friends or family, remember that when we

were children we were told to say thank you

for everything; honestly compliment others

when they deserve it, your generosity will

make you bothhappy; andworkhard to retrain

your brain and mindsets into the positive. It

is a habit. According to Dr Ledgerwood people

who do it live longer, healthier and of course