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Formació AIQS

Formación AIQS

AIQS Training




HAL may, then, have suffered from some

emotional imbalance similar to those that

lead human beings astray. Whether it was the

result of some sudden trauma—a blown fuse,

a dislodged connector, a microchip disordered

by cosmic rays—or of some gradual drift into

emotional misalignment provoked by the

stresses of the mission—confirming such a

diagnosis should justify a verdict of diminished

responsibility for HAL, just as it does in cases of

human malfeasance.

Another possible source of exculpation, more

familiar in fiction than in the real world, is

“brainwashing” or hypnosis. (

The Manchurian


is a standard model: the prisoner of

war turned by evil scientists into a walking time

bomb is returned to his homeland to assassinate

the president.) The closest real-world cases are

probably the “programmed” and subsequently

“deprogrammed” members of cults. Is HAL

like a cult member? It’s hard to say. According

to Clarke, HAL was “trained for his mission,”

not just programmed for his mission. At what

point does benign, responsibility-enhancing

training of human students become malign,



The intuitive turning point is captured, I think,

Why did HAL commit murder? (Part 3 and Final)

By Daniel C. Dennett

Cog, a Humanoid Robot Being Constructed at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab. The project is headed by Rodney Brooks, Lynn Andrea Stein, and

Daniel C. Dennett