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Formació AIQS

Formación AIQS

AIQS Training

the suicidal rate connected to technology,

normally younger ages than millennials,

young people who feel rejected on the net,

in social media. And there has been found a

clear association between alcohol addiction

at younger ages and social media addiction

behaviours. I mention USA as a referent

country as social media started there and

they are some years forward in this virtual

world and so serious problems there by

now, are starting here.

But in spite of all the virtues millennials

have, the two major handicaps they have

to cope with are “job dissatisfaction” and

“weak relationships”.

Even when these millennials find a job they

will look for something they call “making an

impact”, they want to be extraordinary, the

best, theywere trained for that, but theywill

find out that this is not an immediate factor

and even though they tried hard they may

not be able to reach those standards or that

impact thing may not even exist, making

them feel frustrated and dissatisfied.

Relationships will also be difficult for them

as they live in social media and they are

not very realistic about engagement and its


Not a very optimistic panorama for our

great young generations whose only fault

seems to be to have followed their parents’

advice, studied a lot and have dreamed BIG

as Steve Jobs told us one day.

And now, so what? Shall we leave them


Maybe company leaders should be able to

see and value and reward all this talent and

keep it in our country before others see it.

Maybe parents should stop abusing of the

mobile and social media when they are with

their families.

Even maybe mobiles should not be allowed

in certain venues such as meetings, friends’

gatherings and of course regular family

lunches and dinners.

And maybe we should teach our children

that there are winners and losers, and

losers are never winners andmaybe use that

energy left to teach them how to solve their

problems instead of letting them disguise

them in social media.

If you again think I’m exaggerating, look