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39 AIQS News 77 Formació AIQS Formación AIQS AIQS Training When the person returns home, they realize how boring and unsatisfactory their normal lifestyle routine is when compared to the activities he or she did while on their holiday/vacation. According to doctors, Post Vacation Blues may result in tiredness, loss of appetite, strong feelings of nostalgia, and even depression. Careful with jet lag, it will make things worse. Let alone a higher rate of divorce application after this period. So really, after reading about all this pre and post vacational possible syndromes my good mood for holidays starts getting a bit shadowed. As an anecdote and meanwhile browsing about the temperature issue and other disorders that Summer and holidays innately carry I came across interesting research carried out by The Weather Channel which suggests- although does not assert yet due to lack of universal research on the subject- that the climate change could alter Male-Female ratio in areas of the world with extreme temperature variations such as Japan. The study, published in the September edition of medical journal Fertility and Sterility compared birth records and spontaneous miscarriages to monthly temperature data from 1968 to 2012 and determined that male fetuses were more likely to die during extreme temperatures and encourages to continue on this research: “It is of great interest to know whether any country with extreme weather observed a similarly lowered sex ratio of newborn infants,” they wrote. But if, on the contrary, you’ve been enjoying yourself and your family, you had a fantastic time this last Summer and you can’t wait for the following one, my deepest congratulations. As we say in English “you are as fit as a fiddle.” Now, it’s time to start the burnout cycle again. MANAL ZAHRAA MURAD