AIQS NEWS 78 (castellano)

37 AIQS News 78 Formació AIQS Formación AIQS AIQS Training I’M TOO BUSY Few days ago I came across this cartoon above in LinkedIn which for sure it is the booster for the present article. Many people may find it funny. Others, find it witty. But for me it was sad. Probably because I could see myself perfectly pictured in it. It really made me think and stop for a second or more. I felt like this ignorant caveman who is so busy with his tiny worries that cannot see further than his noses. But the best title for this cartoon was given by one of my one hundred students who every year make my life richer regarding points of view and fresh opinions. He said this is about “losing opportunities”. And this made me even sadder and sadder. I speak for myself but the working world is full of people with this type of hectic lives. According to many research studies definitely we have more leisure time than the past but still “I don’t have time” is a regular song in every mouth. A survey about this topic made on 1000 people and 28 countries mentioned in an article in The Guardian reveals that many people in the working environment feel pressed to look busy, otherwise they feel or other people make them feel as if they are slackers. So it seems the option in today’s office is either lazy or overwhelmed, no middle point. Even when we write emails, let alone whatsapps, we try to save time with words such as “rgds” -regards which should be a polite warm word to say goodbye. We are advised to eat healthy, to sleep enough, to have time off and to learn to switch off but we still receive emails at 12pm which we feel forced to answer in order not to pile up emails for the following day. One thing done, one thing less for tomorrow, which definitely is not true as one answer email will probably generate another email. Another of my students who is from a village away from Barcelona, told me that the first year when he came to live in Barcelona he could not understand why people were running