AIQS NEWS 78 (castellano)

38 AIQS News 78 all the day. For him it was a shock, three years later he understands it is our way, we are not running, this is the city pace. But sometimes it is not about physical running but mental running. Experts say this feeling of busyness, the sense of being overwhelmed arises from the mismatching between our “things to do or things we ought to do” and the far smaller quantity “we can do.” The journalist and coach Oliver Burkeman says “we are finite people attempting an infinite amount”. He also assimilates money to time. In English, we say: “Time is Money, don’t waste either of them” but he does not really refer to wasting it but to how to distribute it. Our time is limited so if we spend it all on work there won’t be any other left for other issues, same as money. Then, as the saying goes “Work Wiser Not Harder” which again pushes me up to the cartoon above. Obviously efficiency is something to take into account. The internet is full of blogs, articles and coaches suggesting ideas and methods for making our time more productive, but finally it’s us who need to find the strategy. For me, one of the most original tips that I read and which I find very interesting as well as hard to implement is “accept defeat”. If you cannot fulfill the endless and unrealistic list of tasks you set on yourself, maybe you should relax, “pas grave” as the French would say. My villager student I mentioned above, the slow one, also told me that he does not feel so pressed by himself to do masters, trainings and the extra tasks that his classmates in the city do, he has this calm in his soul that I envy and although he could look like a lazy man at first sight, I am sure that this emotional calm that he carries inside will give him the stability to reach his goals without stress and I’m definitely convinced he will have a clearer mind and straighter focus than us who are too busy to concentrate on the things that matter in life and we’ll keep losing opportunities because we’ll fail to see them. Conclusion, Piano Piano si va lontano as the Italians would say, Little by Little in English or the best for sure Poc a poc i bona lletra . MANAL ZAHRAA MURAD